How does VPN security work?

Whether you’re thinking about using a VPN service or you already do, you’re probably wondering just how it all works to keep you secure. It can seem a complicated business, described in unfamiliar terms like “tunneling” and “encapsulation.” You know it protects you by providing security from hackers and spies. But how, exactly?

Do not let your government spy on you.

What is a secure VPN?

It’s there in the name: A VPN is a virtual private network. There are many such networks, like ExpressVPN. As with any private network, the information you send and receive on a VPN is walled off from other computers and the internet.

It’s a bit like your home or business network, which you use to share files between devices across your router. Nobody outside the network can see that data if your network is properly secured. That’s why a VPN gives you security.

The key difference is in the “virtual” part of VPN. Your home or business network is secure because it’s physically separate from the internet. (You could unplug the internet connection and still share local files on it, if you wanted to.) A VPN, on the other hand, is accessed through the internet and works to keep your online data and online identity secure.

Why do you need a secure VPN?

Security advantages of using a VPN.

Don’t let companies use your data against you

Corporations can track the locations that you visit their websites from and adjust their prices accordingly. They can also share your data with the government. Worse, the data they collect on you is vulnerable to hackers.

Protect your personal business from hackers

Accessing Facebook or your email from a public Wi-Fi hotspot? A hacker can hijack your Facebook account or email. Stop hackers from intercepting your personal data.

Stop nosy governments from spying on you

The NSA has built the world’s largest data center in Utah. It’s bigger than Google. It’s bigger than Facebook. And it’s going to be filled with data about you and your activities. Don’t be a part of the NSA’s data center.

Keep your internet free from censorship

Living or traveling in a country that censors the internet? Internet censorship is the supression of online content, which may be undertaken by governments to limit knowledge and suppress free speech.

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